How To Be A Good Personal

The key that must be considered in order to establish a relationship with other people is by keeping your self esteem. Because only some people who are willing to risk his life to defend his pride, because with one's self esteem will become better, more fun and more friendly.
how to be a good personal
1. Many are Giving PraisePraise is important and giving praise to the others we will be able to better appreciate the other people. Emphasize that in yourself we have to open wide our eyes to something positive for others and then give a compliment.

2. Make Others feel important to herShow me that someone who is in your life are the ones that are important to apologise if you are guilty and fulfill every promise you because assuredly the promise is a debt.

3. Be a good listenerIf talking is Silver then the silence is golden. so a good listener is more glorious than both. A good listener is very useful for others, give him a chance to talk and said that he has a desire to speak.

4. Always Call Someone Names correctlyThe name is something very precious that belongs to every individual, do not mention a person's name in vain if in doubt ask. Because frank is better known than you and Mr. John better known than Mr.

5. Be FriendlyEveryone is very happy if he were treated with friendly Hospitality, make someone feel more appreciated and they will feel Dean with you.

6. many giveYou won't be poor if you much gave. Someone once wrote that many people are giving has been doing good unto itself.

7. Avoid Criticizing, Denouncing and Considers PaltryGenerally people don't like when his weaknesses noticed by others, let alone be humiliated. All of that strike directly into the center of the self esteem and can make people defend themselves with a hostile attitude.

8. take care of Yourself

Loving yourself means accepting myself for what it is and always appreciate yourself as well as to give thanks to what has been given by the Lord. Be yourself by loving him.